If you or a loved one would like a free skin screening by a skin health professional, just visit the Sun Bus at one of its scheduled events and you will get signed up. These free screenings are provided on a first come, first service basis when a healthcare professional is present. Check the calendar below for a detailed list of future event locations and scheduled times a provider will be present.

The Sun Bus is a community project developed by the Colorado Melanoma Foundation that provides FREE skin screenings, skin cancer awareness, and sun safety education to Coloradans at community events and public schools throughout the year. 

A Lifesaving Tour Across Colorado

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Sun Bus Services


Free Skin Exams


Free Sunscreen Samples

Yearly skin checks by your dermatologist are recommended; however, these annual screenings are not feasible for all. The Sun Bus is a mobile clinic with 2 patients exam rooms outfitted to administer free skin checks to Coloradans with the help of local dermatologists and skin health providers.  

Thanks to EltaMD, the Sun Bus is able to provide FREE sunscreen (the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen brand) to the public at all events it attends. Patrons can purchase their own EltaMD products through the Sun Bus or from an Authorized Physician. Click HERE to find authorized physicians that dispense EltaMD products near you.


Skin Cancer & Sun Safety Education

The Sun Bus is outfitted with sophisticated cameras to provide live educational demonstrations of how the sun damages skin and how sunscreen protects us from these dangerous rays. These personalized demonstrations are free to all who visit the Sun Bus at events, including all displayed  sun safety and skin cancer literature. 

Sun Bus Visitors

Since its debut on April 28, 2019, The Sun Bus has had more than 25,000 Visitors.

28,021 Visitors

Screened Visitors

In the 43 Event Days that The Sun Bus has provided services, more than 800 visitors have been screened.

851 Screened

Lesions Referred

Of the 851 Sun Bus Visitors that received Screenings, 96 were referred for a suspicious lesion. 

96 Suspicious Lesions

Sun Bus Physicians and Providers

Are you a physician or provider and would like to volunteer at an upcoming event? Click here to sign up!