Sponsorship Opportunities

The EltaMD Sun Bus represents a unified effort between Colorado’s medical professionals, pharmaceutical businesses, cancer researchers, and—most importantly—the local community towards eliminating this prevalent, deadly, and preventable skin cancer. This project needs supporters who share this vision and are willing to propel it forward for years to come.


The EltaMD Sun Bus’ large route and attendance at Colorado’s most populated community events also means your sponsorship is guaranteed to be seen by hundreds of thousands of individuals whether we are at an event, on the road, or parked in highly visible area. You will be a key supporter mentioned in all TV appearances, online postings, and social media as well.

Whether you are an individual donor, part of a business, on a city council, or apart of the medical community, we invite you to learn more about the different sponsorship and funding opportunities below and join the effort by supporting this ambitious endeavor. 

We promote melanoma awareness in Colorado by educating residents about melanoma skin cancer and sun-safe behaviors, delivering preventative skin screening services, and providing support for current patients. Click here to learn more about the Colorado Melanoma Foundation non-profit organization. 

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