City/County & Private Event Sponsorship Opportunities


*Price varies according to event location, duration, and any special requests. Please contact us for further details.

The City/County & Private Event sponsorship opportunity is available for organizations that would like to provide skin cancer screenings, sun safety education, and melanoma awareness to their employees or residents at an event of their choosing. This sponsorship option is available for either private or public events, such as employee wellness days, company picnics, and city/county health fairs.


Your Sun Bus sponsorship includes the following:

  • Full use of The Sun Bus and its services to the event of your choice.

  • Skin Cancer screenings for event attendees provided by a local dermatologist.

  • Personalized facial screenings to detect cumulative lifetime sun exposure and damage with the Reveal Imager.

  • Free and unlimited sunscreen for event attendees.

  • Free melanoma and skin cancer awareness education provided by The Sun Bus staff.

  • Unlimited access to sun safety and skin cancer literature.

  • An available 15 to 30 minute presentation on the importance of sun safety, findings in melanoma research, and skin cancer prevention methods.

  • Access to discounted skin protection products such as hats from Wallaroo Hat Company, UV protective clothing from Sunday Crew shirts, sunscreen products from EltaMD, and sunglasses from The Colorado Melanoma Foundation.

  • Recognition as a Sun Bus sponsor on all online, social media, and email marketing campaigns with your company's logo and hyperlink to website.

  • Additional benefits are available upon request.

The Sun Bus relies on donations and sponsorships just like this one to achieve its mission and operate to its fullest potential throughout the year. Your contribution allows the Sun Bus to attend and provide free skin exams at other community events to screen those with poor healthcare access. The cost of this sponsorship option will vary according to the number of event attendance days, anticipated number of event attendees, and event location.

If you are interested in pursuing this sponsorship opportunity or have any other questions, please contact The Colorado Melanoma Foundation at 303-876-7664 or via email at (subject line "City/County or Private Event Sponsorship").